Meta Acquires Smart Eyewear Company Luxexcel

    As Meta faces increasing scrutiny over its acquisition of VR fitness startup Within, the tech giant has announced another purchase: that of smart eyewear company Luxexcel. Based in the Netherlands, Luxexcel uses 3D printing to create prescription lenses for glasses and has recently focused on developing smart lenses with integrated technology like LCD displays and holographic film.

    With the acquisition of Luxexcel, Meta hopes to leverage the company’s technology and expertise in AR glasses development. This is especially important given recent rumours that Meta may be scaling back its plans for consumer-grade AR glasses, which were initially slated for release in 2024. Despite these rumours, some analysts believe that Meta’s acquisition strategy will help the company strengthen its position in the growing AR and VR market.

    Regardless of the potential challenges facing it, Meta remains committed to innovation and is confident that its continued investments in cutting-edge technology will allow it to remain a leader in the field. Whether or not this proves true, only time will tell – but for now, investors and consumers alike are watching closely to see how the company responds to current challenges and moves forward with its ambitious product roadmap.

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